Fash’s Signature Stripe Collection

Stripes in your wardrobe is a MUST since they have always been in fashion and will certainly have a long life ahead. The only thing that usually changes is the colors of trendy stripes and it being either thick or thin. Fash Official feels that stripes can easily add dimension and character to any outfit. It can add a casual, classy, chic, boho, formal, or retro feel to any outfit depending on the thickness, color combinations, and style of the stripes.

Whether it be pinstripes or thick stripes, horizontal, vertical or slant, there is a stripe combination out there that will flatter every body type. These are some of our picks for the season:

Sleeveless Slinky Short Dress with Horizontal Colored Stripes         Soft Pink Slinky Short Dress with Colored Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal lines  tend to broaden and shorten your figure by emphasizing width; they divide height, especially when more than one line is used at a time. They are great for pear shape, women with a long waist and those who are flat chested. Horizontal lines will shorten a longer waist, add volume to the top for pears and create curves for flat chested women.

Funky Irregular Vertical Green and Cream Stripe Top        Orange and Black Vertical Stripe Short Dress

Vertical lines gives the impression of height and slenderness by leading the eyes from top to bottom. Always remember, more than one vertical line causes the eyes to move from left to right, so two vertical lines close together will make you thinner while two vertical lines far apart will make you look a little wider.

 Hot Red Long Slinky Dress with Black Slanted Stripes        Blue and Brown Polka Dot "V" Striped Maxi Dress

Break all the rules and opt for an slanted / angular / diagonal line stripes. This will create the illusion of length and soften curves. Be bold and different. This optical illusion conceals imperfections and ultimately makes you look more balanced.
Believe it or not stripes are, indeed, very simple, classical, and ladylike and fit almost everyone. Horizontal and vertical stripes have different tendencies. Your stripe options do not just stop at tops, though! Maxi dresses, fit and flare pants, and even a striped accessory can be part of your closet to achieve your trending staple pieces needed this summer.

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