Hands Free and In Style With Your Fur Babies

We know that your pet is your fur baby and if you want your fur baby to travel with you in style & elegance, Image result for celebrity with pet carriers Fash Official is the place you want to shop. We offer selective chic carriers, adorable harnesses and lovely accessories along with personalized engraved tags for your pet so you can be out and about with your fashion forward fur baby without leaving them behind on your next outing.

What’s the use of a stylish Pet Carrier?

 Fash’s Pet Carriers can be used for multiple purposes:


  • They can be used to provide pet a sense of security since they are close to your body.
  • It’s a fashion statement since it’s hip and chic.
  • You are hands free while being close to your pet.
  • It keeps your pet safe from dangerous specious and harmful things around them.
  • Pet Carriers are a conventional and safe way of transporting your pet to the desired destination. Pet sling carrier

We know from experience that your pets favorite place is in your arm. So invest in our trendy personalized Sling Carrier, it’s a great bag for you to provide a safe, comfortable place close to you for your best friend while on the go. Without a doubt you’ll make a fashion statement and will certainly garner some attention.

 Shop our Sling Collection for your Pets

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