I’m Guilty! Coz my pet represents me when we step out

I’m Guilty! Coz my pet represents me when we step out

Before you adopt a pet, you can’t quite imagine what living with one might be like; afterwards, you can’t imagine living any other way. It’s a feeling of being unconditionally loved and an attachment like no other.

And if you can relate to this feeling you probably always want your pet to feel secure, safe and ultra-posh like Fash Official’s Pets. Our trendy Vest Leash Collection is too cute, No-choke, No-escape harness for your fashion forward pet. It’s an outfit which has an attached leash protection, is soft, flexible and guaranteed to set you and your fur baby apart from the rest.

Whenever we step out with our pet, our priority is to make sure they don’t escape or be attacked by any harmful thing. We at Fash Official feel that there is no reason as to why you cannot protect your pet and still look ultra-chic. Hey! Your pet represents you and that itself gives you a reason to make heads turn while you are on go. This harness has various styles and looks to fit you and your pets personality. I’m guilty of styling them in stripes when I’m dressed in that look. You have no idea how crazy everyone goes when they see a statement look like that. It’s such a wonderful feeling and brings a smile on yours and everyone’s face around you.

Stripe Harness with matching leash  Fash official stripe pet harness  Fash Official Stripe Blue pet harness with leash


What makes Fash Official Leash Harness Vest Collection different from others is that ours comes with a personalized engraved tag. Which means that your pet has a custom look and can be identified easily if lost.

Free personalized engraved pet tag with your purchase at Fash Official

So, what are you waiting for??? Surprise your loved one or invest in this adorable harness yourself. Don’t forget to share pics with us so we can share it on our social media.

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