about us


 Fash Official has been hugely inspired from fashion all around the world. We believe that one should dress to gain confidence, not to please others. Fashion never gets outdated. If you carry it well and if it suits your personality, you yourself have created that trend. Let others follow your lead. Be a Trendsetter!!!

Fash Official is a fashion forward online shopping platform featuring independent designers. Our clothing is handpicked from various places around the world and our goal is to be your personal stylist but with what we feel is going to go well with majority of our clients.

I love our tagline: My Life. My Terms. That’s truly how we feel you should lead your life. Believe in yourself, feel beautiful, wear what’s comfortable yet different and don’t let others dictate your sense of style.

Fash believes that fashion trend should not be controlled by the few, but rather be guided by the collective actions of every designer and fashion consumer. It should be personal and diversified.

Rather than just an online shopping store, we would like to create a community which will be shared by both cutting edge designers and customers. Let us grow with your support & love.